RV Storage

Secure Your RV With Big Meadow

Big Meadow Family Campground offers storage for all sizes of RV’s and related equipment. Our “quiet side of the Smokies” offers you the most secure storage imaginable for your RV. Our storage area is fenced and gated. We have personnel on-site 24/7.

Storage Fee Information

RV Storage
Covered Storage

  • 24 hours notice required for access to stored units
  • Campers will be put on/off site, and leveled free of charge
  • No deposit required for camping reservations
  • A fee of $10.00 will be charged for canceling a reservation
  • If your cancellation is received less than 24 hours of your arrival, you will be charged for the first night rent

Special Services

Placed on and off site & leveled for camping Free of charge
Plug in electric, turn on refrigerator & AC or Heat $10.00
All the above plus open slide-outs, lower stabilizer, cable, & hook up water (no sewer) $15.00
Take down: disconnect electric, water, cable, & stabilizers (no sewer) $15.00
Unit removed from storage and placed on and off site for:

  • Performing self-service work
  • Scheduled repair work by professional
  • Temporarily removing and returning the unit for personal use

Additional Special Services

Wash RV, awning not included $2.50/foot
Coordinate repair work $15.00
RV Transport $2.00/mile, $55.00 minimum*
Check air pressure/air up tires $5.00
Dump Service $10.00
Fill Water Tank $5.00
Standard $60.00
2nd bathroom +$10.00
Outdoor kitchen +$10.00
Washer +$25.00
Ice maker +$25.00