Do’s and Don’ts

Please take a moment to review our list of Do’s and Don’ts. Big Meadow Family Campground strives to provide a wholesome, family atmosphere.


DO use a sewer connector. MANDATORY – no exceptions.

DO use a pooper scoop after your pets (always) and do not leave pets unattended. Pets are welcome, however, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for cleaning up after them. Keep pets on a leash at all times.

DO park in designated area only. See office personnel for parking information. One vehicle per site.

DO remember – you are responsible for your guests.

DO have all guests register at office before entering campground. DO not give them the gate code. Ask your guests to leave before 10:00 P.M. Guests must obey all guidelines and pay fees before entering.

DO put trash in dumpster only (behind the stock fence at entrance).

DO use caution when crossing the road to the river. This is a public road.



DO NOT give gate code to anyone.

DO NOT allow children to play with or near gates.

DO NOT exceed 5 miles per hour in campground.

DO NOT wash any vehicles in campground.

DO NOT park on or drive thru grass in campsite.

DO NOT park more than one vehicle per site.

DO NOT cover grass with carpet or mats.

DO NOT build fires except in designated areas. Portable fire rings must stay on gravel or concrete AT ALL TIMES.

DO NOT let your pet poop in other camp sites.

DO NOT display firearms or fireworks.


Additional Points

Guests may not park at your campsite. They must park in designated parking area. All guests must register and pay fees to enter.

Persons violating campground rules are subject to eviction without refund. Being a privately owned campground, we maintain the right to refuse entry and/or the right to evict those who do not observe campground rules and regulations.

Management is not responsible for and assumes no liability in the event of loss due to fire, theft, accident, Mother Nature or any other loss whether it may be injury or loss of property.

Special Rules for Bikes, Scooters, Handicap Equipment & Motorcycles

Children under the age of 16 are not permitted to use handicap equipment with out adult supervision.

Ride SLOWLY, the speed limit of 5 MPH is for bikers, too.

DO NOT Slide, Skid or Spin bike tires.

Ride ONLY in Gravel Driveways.

DO NOT ride thru campsites.

DO NOT ride over gravel piles, mulch piles, or sand piles.

NO RIDING after dark.